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Officer Howliwell sketch by elzataerinn Officer Howliwell sketch :iconelzataerinn:elzataerinn 1 0 Bosco Howliwell, in two worlds by elzataerinn Bosco Howliwell, in two worlds :iconelzataerinn:elzataerinn 8 2
(Zootopia Fanfic) Smitten
Shane glanced down.
He groaned, then rubbed his muzzle as he lifted his head, looking straight at his eyes on the other side. He had spent probably hours prepping up to meet a female, and even until this minute he still hesitated.
Come on, Shane.
With a huff, Shane straightened himself. He had spent days planning to meet this female, and he would not, or rather, should not, shirk away at the last moment. She might not reciprocate his feeling, but he'd like to at least try. Try to tell her how he felt about her. Try to tell her he wanted to be her boyfriend. Try to hope that she'd say yes, even if that yes might not last forever.
As Shane raced towards the outdoors, he began recalling the event that led to his decision today.
He first saw Veronica on his first day of work, when they were but two of a few new faces in the office. Back then, Shane was more psyched up about his first job than even socializing, which was certainly odd for a wolf like him. Come to think of it,
:iconelzataerinn:elzataerinn 1 4
Modded Legendary Bash by elzataerinn Modded Legendary Bash :iconelzataerinn:elzataerinn 5 0
Me and Woofie
Dear Diary,
How have you been today? Today was very busy, there was a Show and Tell at school, then Mom took me to meet one of her friends and we only just got back home. Mom's asleep now, and actually I should be in bed now, too.
Anyway, the Show and Tell was very noisy. So many kids in my class brought their pets. There was much woofing and meowing and chirping and hissing. Which reminds me, Lisa was crying because her flowers got eaten by Mick's dog. That thing's totally huge, if only you could see it. Well, at least my hundred paper cranes were safe, wouldn't have brought them if I knew there were so many animals there. Then again, nobody cared about the paper cranes, everyone wanted to ride Mick's dog or pet Vera's parrot.
By the way, cats and dogs eat meat right? Why didn't they eat Ronald's pet mouse? It's creepy, who keeps pet mice, anyway, right?
Anyway, so I said we went to Mom's friend's house, right? Well, his name is Joshua, so Mom said I can call him uncle. I don't know w
:iconelzataerinn:elzataerinn 0 0
(WwD) Pensive Bash by elzataerinn (WwD) Pensive Bash :iconelzataerinn:elzataerinn 6 0 (WwD Pencil) Pensive Bash by elzataerinn (WwD Pencil) Pensive Bash :iconelzataerinn:elzataerinn 3 0 Alvin Howliwell, in two worlds by elzataerinn Alvin Howliwell, in two worlds :iconelzataerinn:elzataerinn 25 17 Bye bye, Year of the Rooster by elzataerinn Bye bye, Year of the Rooster :iconelzataerinn:elzataerinn 2 4 Not-so-random Wolves Sketch by elzataerinn Not-so-random Wolves Sketch :iconelzataerinn:elzataerinn 4 0 Ultra Beast Kefka by elzataerinn Ultra Beast Kefka :iconelzataerinn:elzataerinn 27 6 (Concept Mk 1) Bayonetta-style Necrozma by elzataerinn (Concept Mk 1) Bayonetta-style Necrozma :iconelzataerinn:elzataerinn 7 0 Interest you in more martini? by elzataerinn Interest you in more martini? :iconelzataerinn:elzataerinn 4 3 Tap-dancing Necrozma by elzataerinn Tap-dancing Necrozma :iconelzataerinn:elzataerinn 21 10 The Howliwell brothers, in two worlds by elzataerinn The Howliwell brothers, in two worlds :iconelzataerinn:elzataerinn 6 11 Final Heavenly Dawn by elzataerinn Final Heavenly Dawn :iconelzataerinn:elzataerinn 18 4


Comm: Altairey (Frightening Misunderstandings) by Temiree Comm: Altairey (Frightening Misunderstandings) :icontemiree:Temiree 186 36 Commission: Aniki (Blood Rage) by Temiree Commission: Aniki (Blood Rage) :icontemiree:Temiree 271 32 What... What?? by Sollyz What... What?? :iconsollyz:Sollyz 30 5 I miss you, Brother... by WarGreymon43 I miss you, Brother... :iconwargreymon43:WarGreymon43 227 26 Another victim by Missplayer30 Another victim :iconmissplayer30:Missplayer30 113 72 The Tragic Trio - Stargazing by NostalgicChills The Tragic Trio - Stargazing :iconnostalgicchills:NostalgicChills 4,209 486 Daily Paint 1931# Hootel by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 1931# Hootel :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 3,115 78 Rain King by kenket Rain King :iconkenket:kenket 2,320 110 Dog Types by kenket Dog Types :iconkenket:kenket 974 46 Klefki by kenket Klefki :iconkenket:kenket 975 22 N Meets Floette by DeiXIV N Meets Floette :icondeixiv:DeiXIV 169 26 Heroes at Rest by 0laffson Heroes at Rest :icon0laffson:0laffson 150 43 Commission: Yeezusboii (Driving Distress) by Temiree Commission: Yeezusboii (Driving Distress) :icontemiree:Temiree 237 17 Toddler Smaug by TheMountainDragon Toddler Smaug :iconthemountaindragon:TheMountainDragon 57 10
What Hands
I at arm's length my hands beheld,
And what admiration I felt!
"And what hands are these?" I ask
"That perform so many a task."
These hands are the medium of my thought.
My imagination by them are brought
Out from that mental dorm
And are given earthly form.
What hands that paint my joys and desires
And makes instruments sing my inner fires.
Hands to love and hands to hold,
Hands to weave such tales untold.
So I cry, impressed,
"With what hands I am blessed!"
But then I heard the voice of doubt, the voice of fear
(Or 'praps it's the voice of reason that accosts my ear)
And what it said was the stuff of nightmare:
"Should fate or circumstance your hands impair,
If you are of your precious hands bereft
Then what, oh what will there be left?
How then will you depict your strife?
How then will you enjoy your life?
You would curse your fate,
Be consumed by loss and hate." 
"Peace!" cried I
"For all you speak is lie.
Although I would feel ceaseless sorrow,
These hands are only mine to b
:iconwickuse:WickusE 3 13
Mom is back by thegreyzen Mom is back :iconthegreyzen:thegreyzen 518 66


elzataerinn's Profile Picture
Long time lurker here; just mostly interested to start saying hi to all of you wonderful people here and randomly stash my personal stuffs here for the fun of it.

I'll mostly be drawing things on my whim, and in case you somehow want to draw things based on what I have, such as my OCs, just take note that: 1) Don't claim my characters as yours (this should be a duh), and 2) Don't make profit out of my characters (except for situations such as when I ask for commission drawing of my characters).

At present, I'm not going to be as active as I was last year, so for my watchers, that means I'll have considerably fewer submissions in the foreseeable future. Nonetheless, thanks for your support so far, and hope you remain enjoying anything I may put up every now and then.

Cheers :)


Officer Howliwell sketch
Truth to be told, I wasn't planning to submit this, as at present I'm more into just submitting fully-colored stuffs (which, thanks to my tendency of being super slow, explains why I haven't submitted anything in, a month, I think?), and this sketch of my Zootopia OC Keanan would've been no different. (I guess it may be because of my lack of scanner; haven't bought a new one, and I'd very much rather use a scanner to get my lines online)

It's just that, after finishing lining this particular sketch, I was... welll, I guess you can say, overcome with sheer narcissism :XD: But seriously, when I look at this sketch, I think I can say that this is one of my best sketch so far, so I figure I should put this up here before I color him.

Funny how I end up being more proud of my half-body sketch :XD:


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